Hardwick Pond Preservation Association Holds First Meeting

Ware River News | August 25, 2016 | Page 6


HARDWICK – Determined to tackle an ongoing invasive aquatic weed problem that threatens the future of their treasured pond, waterfront property owners of the newly-created Hardwick Pond Preservation Association,Inc., held their inaugural meeting at a shoreline residence last Sunday afternoon.

With state Sen. Anne Gobi (D-Spencer) in attendance, HPPA President Gary Mascitis and fellow officers/property owners Bill Zinni, Dennis Jones and Steve Larson detailed the emergence and continued growth of the cabomba/fanwort and milfoil vegetation in pond waters over the past four decades during the group’s two-hour session.

“You are on the right track, this is a good time to get organized,” said Gobi, lauding the property owners for their united approach in forming an association to help secure possible state funding or grants to tackle the weeds.

Al Collings, past president of the state’s Congress of Lakes and Ponds (COLAP), related his own personal experience and fundraising efforts in dealing with invasive weeds/algae at Lake Wickaboag in West Brookfield. HPPA, a nonprofit, is now a COLAP member.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Gobi and Collings received an up close view of the pond’s weed infestation on a boat tour.

Situated off Greenwich Road, five miles south of the Gate 43 entrance to Quabbin Reservoir, Hardwick Pond lists 28 shorefront owners.

Increasingly over the past decade weeds have choked off the northern inlet of the pond, which is now part of the Muddy Brook Wildlife Management Area. The southern outlet, also heavily clogged with infestation, feeds the watershed that supplies the town of Ware.

The association, according to Mascitis, plans to have another meeting with Gobi in the near future to further discuss the future of the pond and funding options.


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